Download MP3 Music faster with Google instead of Limewire

Quick how to tutorial video on how to download mp3 music files using google instead of annoying peer to peer programs like limewire , bearshare or soulseek . This is basic , there are other things you can do to refine your search , but this method will get you what you are looking for . This piece of code which you will search for will go through parent directories of websites hosting your favourite music . from there its easy as right clicking and going to ‘ save target as ‘ . not really a hack , just dipping through files hosted by websites. Whats even better is that this is a legal way to download mp3s, because you are simply downloading music hosted by owners of websites , therefore , it isn’t you who gets into trouble , its the website owners for hosting the music in the first place. Plus, there is no warning or agreements you have to make. Enjoy .